Some of the most interesting projects in SEA

Proptech might not be as popular as fintech in The Lion City, historically more related with financial services that real estate innovation. But after spending some time here, I can already tell that there are interesting projects popping up and worth following:

Bit of Property

BitOfProperty is a crowdfunding investment solution, blockchain powered and backed up by the property giant LIFULL. They make buy-to-rent investments available to everyone, since you can start with as low as 50 euro. For both residential and commercial properties.



Spaceship aims to be the Dropbox of physical storage, offering very flexible and multi-sized options. Starting from renting space for 5 boxes for just 30$ per month, with free packing and delivery. Everything easily managed through a mobile app as expected.



Propseller is a platform to find the right agent for the user needs, matching the requirements with the most suited real estate professional based on data. They offer agent comparison, ratings, reviews and a concierge kind of personalised service.



Ohmyhome is a hybrid, mix of property portal and real estate agency, offering a flat fee for sellers and landlords. Focused on providing high-quality services and encouraging a feasible do-it-yourself process. I see them as how the evolution of traditional real estate agencies should be.


Gorilla Space

GorillaSpace is probably one of the leading workspace solutions in Singapore, following the successful trail left by WeWork. They list verified spaces with high quality photography, accurate information and direct contact with the owner to clarify any doubt.


Metro Residences

Metro Residences offers serviced apartments targeting multinational corporations with accommodation needs. Something already present in other big capital cities like London or Dubai, I think it makes sense in business hubs like those. Targeting a niche and focused more on quality than quantity, more feasible against the established property portals.

metro residences


Hometrust is an interior design marketplace based on showcasing already completed renovation projects. They aim to help choosing the right option for the user needs, offering plenty of reviews and interior design ideas.



Panopedia offers the classic 360° photography for property marketing, with emphasis in simplicity and low cost. They allow to do it in just 5 minutes, finishing the process in the user’s phone and starting from 9$ per month for 5 panoramic tours.



Greyloft represents another step in the evolution of the traditional real estate brokerage, offering an entirely online rent and sale process. Strongly supported by data and technology to make everything as efficient and transparent as possible.



REALly is an integrated property management and tendering solution aiming to simplify the end-to-end process of fit-out, maintenance and reinstatement of a property. They offer an all-in-one solution for project managers, facilities managers, vendors, owners and tenants.



Another seven proptech startups worth checking: Butler Tech and Facilit8te in property management, FlySpaces and Workthere in workspace solutions, Mogul and DREA in property search and Qanvast in interior design.