Finally I had the time to extract the property data from Property Finder, which is the leading property portal here in Dubai. Something definitely interesting to do, since it allows me to analyze our portfolio comparing with other brokerages and the market as a whole.

One of the insights that I find interesting to share is the estimated spend per brokerage. Limited to the property for sale in Dubai, and based on the current cost per listing by type, standard, featured or premium:


Allsopp & Allsopp is the winner with a huge spend in premium listings and one of the biggest portfolios in the market. I didn’t count the Community Top Spot because the cost it’s based on an auction between brokerages (btw that’s an interesting monetization concept).

Let me now share some general figures. The total estimated monthly spend out of 700+ brokerages is 2,376,338 AED, which is around 645,000 USD revenue per month. Without counting the rentals, developer listings, revenue from display advertising, marketing of new projects, …

Just an estimation… but doesn’t look like a bad business huh? ;)