Following  my previous articles where I shared some insights about brokerage’s spend on Property Finder, this time I’d like to focus on an specific area. So let’s start, who are the brokerages with the biggest stock for sale in Dubai Marina? Let’s find it out:

Once again we have Allsopp & Allsopp and OBG Real Estate leading the stock volume ranking. But this time I added a very interesting metric: The average property value.

We can see how Hamptons, Gulf Sotheby’s (surprisingly!) and Lannhill deal with the cheapest stock of the top 10, with an average property value below AED 1.5 million. While Edward & Towers stands out with almost AED 6 million, followed by Prestige.

What about sales agents? Who are the brokers with the biggest portfolio in Marina?

But careful with this one because, sometimes, brokerages group all their properties under a single professional. And we also have the average property value per agent, thinking about expanding your sales team and looking for agents who deal with the expensive stock? I could give you a hint ;)

Finally, some general figures about Dubai Marina: There are a total of 468 brokerages dealing in an area of 2 square kilometres with 1,186 agents on the field. Excluding rentals and even so, what a fierce competition!

PS: Time for a break, going for a long hike in Pakistan and more analysis afterwards.