Once again, let’s take a look on how are performing the main property portals in Dubai. This time focused on the three main players: Property Finder, Bayut and Just Property. Traffic data for Q1 2018, estimated by SimilarWeb:

No surprises from my last report in Q3 last year. In terms of engagement and most likely ability to generate valuable leads, Property Finder is clearly the market leader. But we can tell that Bayut and Just Property are trying to close the gap.

Let’s take the analysis a step further and look into which are their main traffic sources:

As expected search engines play a crucial role for the three of them. After so many years working around property, I can tell that’s a very common situation in many markets around the world.

This also indicates that, even though there is a leading property portal, the contenders can still get a good amount of traffic. Property Finder is clearly ahead but their direct traffic is not so big, they still depend a lot on search engines. They haven’t won the market yet.

Let’s dig a bit deeper. The three of them spend good budgets in Adwords but organic searchis their main source. Let me show you some metrics around that:

Domain Authority and Domain Rating metrics indicate how “strong” is the site to rank in search engines. We can see repeated the same ranking, with Property Finder on top and Bayut and Just Property following behind.

Then we have two visibility metrics based on a keyword set sample defined by me. City level keywords would be searches like “villas for sale in dubai” or “apartments in dubai”. In those we can see how Property Finder wins, although not by so much. In fact, the real winner for those keywords is still Dubizzle, with a visibility of %27.51.

As Area Level Keywords we have searches like “villas in arabian ranches”, which generates visitors closer from conversion than the city level ones (those users know better want they want). For those Property Finder wins by far with a 48% visibility. Huge difference because they don’t just rank first, in many cases they do it with several pages thanks to their high authority, taking over the SERPs.

More to follow in summer with the Q2 analysis ;)