The fight between iProperty and PropertyGuru continues

After Singapore and Indonesia, now is time to update my traffic report on Malaysia. As always it’s an estimation by Similarweb, so please take it just as a reference:

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We can see how the top two players has doubled their traffic since the end of last year, with iProperty as the leader in visits estimation and PropertyGuru behind but very close in pageviews estimation. Surely both players have been investing in traffic acquisition, with a 11% and 13% increase in bounce rate respectively, but still quite good engagement metrics.

Behind them we have Propsocial and EdgeProp close from each other, with the rooms rental site Ibilik closing the top five. And also interesting to highlight DotProperty who has increased their traffic in a 203%.

Volume of properties

We know there is correlation between traffic and volume of properties, so it’s always a good metric to analyse and track over time. To be fair, we would need to check the duplicates and distribution across locations. But to simplify the analysis, let’s just look at the totals:

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Not a surprise to see iProperty and PropertyGuru with a huge volume of properties far from the rest. And then the next two Propsocial and EdgeProp with advantage over the others. I find important to highlight that product and traffic acquisition should to be aligned in the overall property portal strategy.

Propsocial’s community approach

It’s always interesting to see a player trying to do something a little different. So in Malaysia I’d like to highlight Propsocial and how they give relevancy to user reviews with around 8,849 gathered so far. As well as their discussion forum.

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When you are fighting in a market where there are competitors much stronger in resources than you, is always interesting to find a different value proposition. Otherwise is too difficult to attract user’s attention.

That’s all for now, if you know of any other portal worth following in Malaysia, please let me know!