Market figures, top brokerages and top agents

I’ve taken my pencil and paper to extract the information of 48,422 properties for sale in Singapore published on, one of the leading property portals in Singapore. I believe it’s an interesting exercise to understand better the market and identify relevant players.

Bear in mind that this is not the whole market, so please take these figures just as a reference based on a big set of properties. Let’s go for it:

Top brokerages in Singapore by number of properties

In terms of volume of properties, we have a top five with ERA RealtyPropNexHuttons AsiaOrangetee and Singapore Realtors Inc. I’ve added another interesting metrics like the average property value, where we can see how Savills must be more focused on high-end than the rest, while LHG Properties more in affordable property (probably HBDs).

Top brokerages in Singapore by average property price

We can just order by average property price to try to identify who are the brokerages dealing with the most expensive stock, let’s say the top luxury brokerages in Singapore. For this analysis I didn’t count those with less than 20 properties for sale to reduce the noise.

Top agents in Singapore by number of properties

We can do the same thing but now for the agents but careful, sometimes the agencies might group many properties under the same agent just for administration purposes. But well, we can tell this ten professionals are most likely pretty busy ;)

Top agents in Singapore by average property price

And again, these are the top agents by average property value, filtering those with less than 20 properties. So we could say these are the top luxury agents in Singapore.


Finally, let me share some general market figures from those 48,422 properties for sale. Have in mind the duplicates present in every portal, so again, just as a reference:

Let me keep to myself the good part, how to use this data to your advantage if you are a property portal, brokerage or developer. It can be really interesting, specially having it broken down by location ;)