Visits and pageviews estimation for the main brokerages

Following my previous article about the real estate market in Singapore, I’ve taken from it the top 10 agencies in volume of properties and analysed their website traffic. Let’s check the results, as usually an estimation from Similarweb:

visits for singapore top real estate agencies

Not a surprise to see on top ERA Realty (45,023) and Propnex (38,451) with relatively high figures, they are probably the two biggest giants in Singapore. Following behind we have Orange Tee (24,178) and international brokerages like Savills (38,528), Huttons (20,719) and Knight Frank (12,130).

We know that traffic can be easily bought, although most likely non of these brokerages are spending heavily in display campaigns. Anyway, let’s check the Pageviews to see how the picture changes:

We can easily spot a discrepancy with Savills: They do have more visits than Orange Tee but their engagement (pages per visit and time on site) seems to be much lower. There could be several reason for that, but probably worth checking from their part.

Let me add a new perspective to this perspective to this kind of analysis. Let’s check the brand popularity of these brokerages in Google Trends:

brand popularity for singapore top real estate agencies

As usually take it just as a third party reference, but we can some correlations with Propnex and ERA Realty on top, followed by Savills, Orange Tee and Huttons.

That’s all for now!