Who rules the market in the Pearl of the Orient Seas?

After my previous analysis for Singapore and Thailand, now is the turn of the beautiful Philippines. Let’s go for it, traffic estimation from SimilarWeb as always:

Main players

I can see a pretty young market with quite low visits volumes and several classifieds websites still being very relevant around property search, which usually doesn’t happen in more mature markets.

As the market leader we have Lamudi, under the umbrella of Rocket Internet, well known venture capital company and mainly focused in emerging markets. They have very good engagement metrics on their site.

Ranking second we have DotProperty, almost sharing the leadership with Lamudi, or might be even above them since we can’t rely on Similarweb’s accuracy when two players are so close.

And third we have Property24 with a pretty good amount of traffic as well. iProperty has presence and currently ranks 11th, but surprisingly I can’t see a representative from PropertyGuru. Are they planning to buy Property24 maybe? ;)

Additional players

We can see general classifieds sites ranking for top tail searches like “condos for sale in manila”, good signal to measure the current state of the market where verticals haven’t taken over the SERPs yet. We have classic international players like OLX and Locanto, and vertical search engines like Trovit with relevant traffic figures.

As a curiosity, the aggregator Mitula’s property section leads directly to a search engine within DotProperty. The giant Mitula bought DotProperty in 2016 and Mitula itself was recently bought by the Japanese super giant Lifull. I’m pretty sure all these acquisitions will boost DotProperty in 2019 ;)

Interesting to mention the property developer Ayala Land. With their set of sites amaialand.comavidaland.comatayala.com, … they are getting a good amount of traffic.

Search metrics

As I always say, organic search traffic is crucial for every property portal so let’s analyse the common search metrics for the main players in Philippines:

We can see both market leaders Lamudi and DotProperty with strong metrics, although aligned with the maturity of the market, they are far from what we can see in other places. That means it’s a good opportunity to get in and start having traffic from early stages ;)

That’s all, have I missed any relevant player? Please let me know!