Lamudi remains as the leader, REA Group quits

Another update this time for Philippines, probably the youngest market of all the ones I have analysed, with pretty low volume of visits and searches. In any case, always interesting to see who’s positioning thinking long term. Estimations by Similarweb:

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Main players

Lamudi remains as the market leader with about one million estimated visits and 5 million page views. Since December last year they’ve grown a 31% percent in traffic while the runner-up Dot Property apparently lost the pace a little.

From behind we have the South Africans of Property24 pushing with a 26% increase in traffic. And the player with the highest growth on the top position is MyProperty with a 84% estimated traffic increase.

Finally, surprised to see how the REA Group shut down their representative in Philippines iProperty. I have the feeling they killed it abruptly, no domain redirection to use some of that link juice. In any case, PropertyGuru doesn’t have a portal in this market either. So might not be so worth maintaining a site there at this point.

Volume of properties

Besides the usual correlation between traffic and volume of properties, it’s interesting to check this metric to have a better understanding of the size of the market. To be fair, we would need to check the duplicates and distribution across locations. But to simplify the analysis, let’s just look at the totals:

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So we can see a market with more than 100,000 properties for sale and about a 1/4 of that for available for rent. Both Lamudi and Dot Property have similar figures, with Property24 with half of that more or less.