Wondering who rules in the Land of Smiles?

Like I did before with Dubai and Singapore, I’m going to stay in the beautiful Southeast Asia and check how’s the property market in Thailand. Traffic estimations from SimilarWeb:

Main players

I’ve seen a very cluttered market with many players of all kind. Country wide sites, local players focused on the more touristy areas, old style classifieds, modern portals.. a bit of everything. Have you ever visited the famous Maya Bay? Well, kinda like that ;)

Nevertheless I can tell there is market leader in DDProperty. Acquired by the PropertyGuru Group in 2011, I’m sure they have plenty of resources to play. Anyway looking at the overall visits volume, they don’t seem to have such a big market share. There is a fierce competition, the cake is pretty big and quite well shared among several players.

Ranking 2nd we have DotProperty if we add the metrics of their English site ThailandProperty.com reaching a total of 973,701 visits. They are part of a big group currently competing with PropertyGuru and iProperty to rule the Southeast Asian market.

Ranking 3rd I believe we have HipFlat, adding up their English site metrics, they sum up 751,718 visits. Nice achievement for this Bangkok based startup. Close behind we have a very classic style and probably local friendly site like ThaiHometownHome.co, and the iProperty Group representative ThinkOfLiving. All of them very close in traffic so we can’t say who is behind who, since SimilarWeb is not so accurate.

Additional players

Pruksa, one of the main property developers in Thailand, is getting almost 900,000 monthly visits, pretty high for a developer. We have classifieds websites like Novabizz and even a vintage site like Craiglist seems to be a relevant player in big cities like Bangkok.

And of course, many holiday sites and many local players for destinations like Phuket, Pattaya and so on. Thailand ranks 10th worldwide as one of the most visited tourist destinations with 35 million arrivals in 2017, so makes total sense.

Vertical search engines like Trovit and Mitula they do have presence, with the latter reaching the 179,046 monthly visits.

Search metrics

Let’s have a look into how competitive is the market towards ranking in search engines, crucial traffic source for every property portal worldwide. With Google having a market share of 98% in Thailand, my usual metrics are valid for this analysis:

We can see DDProperty leading the metrics as expected and then quite a mix. Also some big discrepancies between the two sources MoZ and aHrefs which is not so common and can be confusing, a manual check of the backlink profiles would be needed.

I believe Thinkofliving could do better in organic search, they do have better metrics that the sites above them, although the cross linking with the rest of the iProperty portals can mess up with the metrics.

DotProperty and Hipflat might do better in organic search if they merge their Thai and English sites. In general I wouldn’t recommend a domain split by language, although I think in Thailand is pretty common.

That’s all for now. Have you spotted any mistake? Have I missed any other relevant player? Please let me know!